About Us

The world of entertainment is constantly evolving, and it takes a true visionary, an inspirational force, to keep up with the evolution. Success in the modern age requires a combination of technical savvy, creativity and client service, and that is exactly what Raw Vue Music Group (RVMG) has to offer.

By taking a creative and client -centered approach to the modern music scene, Raw Vue Music Group is well positioned at the nexus of music and technology, giving talented artist a chance to thrive by connecting with their fans in a creative and innovative way. We focus on the building of relationships, and we are dedicated to unleashing both digital and human capabilities. We believe that human potential is truly unlimited, and we hold those values dear in everything we do.

Raw Vue Music Group has its headquarters in New York City, and that central location allows us to build a bridge between the industry’s past and its exciting future. The firm specializes in both emerging and established artists, supporting their vision through a mix of recorded music, music publishing, artist management, strategic brand development, top quality production and more.

Over time Raw Vue Music Group has nurtured a focused and proactive approach to artist development, helping them unleash their digital capabilities while never losing sight of the power of human potential. By utilizing the latest data, the most up to date technology and excellence in customer and artist service, the organization has built up a solid reputation in the music industry. At Raw Vue Music, our mission is to be of service, and we have followed that simple guiding principle since our founding.

Committed to the creativity of established and emerging artists, innovation in the music industry, the embracing of technology and the nurturing of real talent, Raw Vue Music Group has established itself as an industry leader. Thanks to our unique, and uniquely talented team and our specialized skills, we are able to provide unwavering support to the creators we work with, who want to be part of our highly focused boutique community of independent musical spirits.

At Raw Vue Music, we have a vision of a better and brighter future for the musicians we work for, one that incorporates both digital and human capital and one centered on the building of relationships, or to put it simply:

  • Our Mission – To be of service, allowing musicians to reach their full potential.
  • Vision – A better, brighter and fairer future for talented artists everywhere.
  • Values – It all starts with a great relationship, and we bring our values to every relationship we build.

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