The following information explains how Raw Vue Music Group, LLC (hereafter referred to as Raw Vue Music Group) collects, uses, or shares the information collected when you visit the website. This privacy policy also pertains to the information provided for our products or services, newsletter registration, and or any contact forms on the website.

What data do we collect?

Certain basic information is automatically collected when you visit our website. This includes details about your web browser, IP address, time zone, and may also lead to the installation of some cookies. This data is saved in a log file and deleted after a short period of time.

Additionally, we collect some information to enhance the website’s performance or improve the user experience. This information includes, but is not limited to, the pages you visit, the products or services you view, any search terms that may have led you to our website, and how much time you spend on each webpage. This information is automatically collected and is referred to as device information.

Some of the ways we collect device information are:

  • Log files—these track your actions on our website, such as timestamps, browser type, date, exit pages, and more.
  • Cookies—these data files are placed on the electronic device you use to access our website. For more information about cookies, please visit
  • Other technologies—with the help of tags, pixels, and web beacons, we collect information about your browsing behavior on our website.

We also collect information from you when you place an order, use a contact form, or sign up for our newsletter. This information, referred to as order information, may include your name, email address, contact number, billing and shipping addresses, and payment details.

There is no obligation to provide any personal information to Raw Vue Music Group without your consent. Any details provided by you are solely according to your own discretion and at your own risk.

Using your personal information

The order information and device information are collectively referred to as personal information. We don’t use or share your personal information unless required for business purposes or to provide services that you have requested.

Some of the ways we use our information are:

  • To provide services or products that are relevant to our business.
  • To monitor, protect, and improve our content and services for you.
  • To offer customized marketing, facilitate social sharing, and provide administrative information.
  • To offer a personalized experience for you when you visit our website.
  • To relay information about any changes or upcoming promotions.
  • To provide support or cater to your requests.
  • To monitor, investigate, or prevent any misrepresentation, crime, or fraud in accordance with the legal statutes.
  • To safeguard our legitimate legal rights and business interests, this information may be disclosed during the legal proceedings, audits, or data analysis.

Sharing your information with third-parties

Your personal information can be shared with third-party affiliates under certain circumstances, including to fulfill the services requested by you, for legal injunctions, or if you’ve given us consent to use data for specific purposes.

By engaging on message boards, our social media accounts, blogs, or chats, you may choose to disclose any information about yourself. Raw Vue Music Group is not liable for the redistribution of this information and retains certain rights on the information you post. For more information, please carefully read our Terms & Conditions 


At Raw Vue Music Group, we safeguard your personal information using the latest security measures. In a bid to prevent possible data breaches and protect against criminal activity, we use encryption, firewalls, and SSL certificates.

We also make an effort to obtain an agreement with our external service providers to protect your valuable personal information when we share it with them. Your confidentiality is our utmost priority, but sharing information over the internet comes with its shortcomings.

No electronic data transmission and storage can be completely secured, and security breaches are possible despite our efforts. Raw Vue Music Group is not liable for the consequences of the interception of information you provide to us.

We encourage you to take certain steps to ensure you avoid any ‘phishing’ schemes and don’t provide sensitive information to individuals you believe are our representatives. Raw Vue Music Group does not warrant the safety of your information and you must share it at your own risk.


Raw Vue Music Group only retains your personal information for as long as its reasonably necessary for the numerous business processes outlined in this policy. We retain certain information for the duration of our ongoing relationship with you because we need it to provide certain products or services to you.

Additionally, there are certain legal obligations that require companies to keep records of their transactions. In light of these, we retain the relevant information for as long as is required by the applicable law.

We do, however, urge you to refrain from sending us sensitive personal information that is not required by us. This includes, but isn’t limited to, personal, political, or religious beliefs, social security numbers, criminal or health backgrounds, and memberships of certain unions.

Modify your data

You have every right to make a request to access, review, and change the personal information you’ve provided us. Thus, you can ask us to update, correct, edit, or delete any information we have about you.

If you’d like us to modify our existing records of your information, please contact us via our email address.

Changes to our privacy policy

Raw Vue Music Group reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at our company’s discretion. Since we’re not liable to inform users when these changes are put into effect, we encourage you to check the items of this privacy policy frequently.

Please remember that your access and use of this website provide your consent to the privacy policy above. Hence, you should refer to this page on a regular basis to avoid violating the terms of our privacy policy.


This privacy policy is currently valid and is valid as of May 21, 2020.

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