What We Offer

Founded as a better alternative to the large multinational music publishers, Raw Vue Music Publishing is the boutique publishing arm of RVMG. Our team is made up of music aficionados and technology buffs, and everyone is committed to meeting the long-term needs of both established and emerging artists, songwriters and producers.

The experience we bring to the industry gives us a unique understanding in a world of constant technological changes and challenges. From shifting streams of income to live venue challenges, artists and songwriters are facing a difficult landscape, and we bring our expertise to the industry, helping those creative individuals survive, and thrive, against the odds.

We offer a broad range of leading services, including administration, synchronization, mechanical, print and digital licensing services. At Raw Vue Music Publishing, we understand the difficulties artists are facing in the 21st century, and we use our own skills and talents to help creative professionals overcome those challenges.

We currently publish and administer an eclectic and far reaching array of copyrights, each one carefully tailored to meet any creative or budgetary needs. We know the world of music is always evolving. and we believe that our proactive and client-centered approach is the best way to stay one step ahead of this ever-changing landscape.


We are proud to provide a full slate of administrative support for the artists we work with, including those related to your catalog and Performance Rights Organization (PRO). We also handle all your registration requirements, including both registration in the U.S. Copyright Office and worldwide registration with foreign country collection societies.

Through our connections in the industry, we are able to leverage a global network of internal and external strategic partners, allowing us to accurately register songs, negotiate and issue the appropriate licenses and collect royalties from all income sources. We do all of this on behalf of our clients, handling the back-end processes needed to make and keep them successful.

Creative Services

Our creative department follows a proactive approach, placing the work of the songwriters we work with in front of the industry decision makers who need to see it. We also actively solicit new licensing opportunities for your songs, including placing your music in advertisements, TV shows, video games, movie trailers, films and more!

Our creative team is comprised of talented, inspired and experienced individuals, all working tirelessly to maximize the value of every one of your creative products. We succeed when you succeed, and your success is our number one goal.

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