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We bring a unique approach to the music industry, one that incorporates our core values of inclusiveness, service and artistic vision. We view the world of music as an amazing and mutually beneficial partnership, one that requires the dedication and desire of both artist and company.

A New Way of Doing Business
At RVMG, we are not content to rely on the old way of doing business, and we want any surprises to be pleasant ones. That is why we offer an up-front business model, one that puts your best interests first and one that gives you the transparency, the service and the respect you deserve.

A New World
The music industry has entered a new paradigm, one dominated by digital tunes and online streaming services. We understand the digital age, and we incorporate the latest technology into everything we do, all while giving you the support you need to maximize your market potential without sacrificing your artistic vision.

Making Your New Release a Success
Bringing your artistic vision to market is a serious endeavor, and we are here to help. We take care of all the details for you, including timing the release for maximum exposure, pricing it appropriately, positioning it across all relevant digital platforms, handling press and promotion.

Marketing and Product Management
RVMG utilizes not only its in-house marketing and product management team, but also our vast array of external partners. This unique combination provides our clients with a carefully coordinated one-two punch, helping them bring their music to the market.

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